Salmon and Trout Conservation UK - Hampshire

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This site for is now ready for 2020, please contact the email link at the bottom of the page if you spot something that needs changing.

About Us

WELCOME. We are a not for profit organisation representing the interests of game anglers and promoting the sport of Salmon and Trout fishing by encouraging new participants and providing assistance and advice to Salmon and Trout anglers in Hampshire.

We are affiliated tothe Salmon and Trout Conservation UK. and are responsible for implementing national policies at the local level. Visit the "Support Us" page to support the charity's national conservation efforts.


Visit us at one of these shows in Hampshire. We can teach you how to cast with a fly rod, to tie a fly, and show you how counting the small animals living in fresh water helps us monitor the health of a river.

The branch AGM, followed by the helpers supper, will be held at the Cart & Horses Kingsworthy on Friday 21st. February 2020 at 7pm.

The article about our courses in the September 2017 edition of Total Fly Fishing is still on our news page. Click on the "News" button above to take a look.

Our Courses

The objective of each course is to give instruction in Fly Fishing for Trout - promoting both healthy outdoor exercise and a caring attitude towards wildlife and the environment. It is suitable for beginners and improvers interested in game fishing. Although we call them Family Courses adults may come on their own and we our process allows parents to leave their children with us for the day.

They are all day courses which cost adults £45.00. Those under 16 pay £20.00 for their first course and £30.00 for any subsequent courses. Cost includes a two fish ticket. We are planning six courses in 2020. For more details click on the "courses" button above.